Effortless visitor registration.

Make your guests feel welcome on-site and streamline visitor check-in with the visitor management system.

What does this solution offer?

GoVisitor makes your visitor management a walk in the park. Customise your registration flow with the convenient form builder, send out registration invitations and include specific access requirements. Your visitors can complete their pre-registration easily on any digital device. The software instantly notifies if a visitor doesn’t meet your criteria for entry.

When arriving at your site, your pre-registered visitors only have to pick up their badge at security. This makes your visitor flow as seamless as possible. GoVisitor also offers check-in software on self-service units for visitors that haven’t pre-registered yet.

Make your site a place where everybody feels welcome, respected, safe and secure.


Gentleman’s hospitality.

Show your visitors that you care about their experience on your site from the first moment they enter.

Enhanced emergency management.

In case of an emergency, GoVisitor provides you with a real-time list of all visitors present per zone.

Reduced TCO.

By streamlining your visitor onboarding in an automated digital flow, you can save on administration and security operations.

Main features

Custom form builder

Create multiple registration flows based on different purposes of visitors.

Automated badge printing

Visitor badges are automatically printed as they enter your site. Want to create custom badges? Check out GoCustom!

Attendance registration

Real-time attendance overview of your visitors on site, including timesheets and export functionality.

Great combo's

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