Enhanced and fully customisable registration and qualification validations.

Hand over the responsibility of safeguarding your workforce compliancy.

What does this solution offer?

This solution offers a comprehensive set of training and qualification methods. Based on the role of a contractor, you can determine which validations are mandatory for each worker work at your site. Automatically request diplomas and certificates in order to grant access. GoCompliance checks if all documents and certificates are valid. Notifications are sent a number of days in advance to remind contractors to renew their qualifications. When validity dates are expired, access to your site can automatically be blocked.

GoCompliance ensures to fully comply with all contemporary rules and regulations regarding your safety and compliance policy.

Spend less time on compliance management and guarantee a safe working environment for everybody on your site.


A reduced TCO.

Time-saving in validating documents and qualifications of your workforce.

A safer working environment.

Your workforce is only allowed to work when they have all certifications in order.

Minimised carbon footprint.

Smoothen your access control by having all compliancy checks done beforehand and prevent unnecessary travel movements to and from your site.

Main features

Central Diploma Register

With the real-time link to the Central Diploma Register, diploma’s (such as VCA) and qualification certificates are automatically checked and follow-up steps are addressed if applicable.

ID Checker

GoCompliance is integrated with the online identity verification services of Datachecker and Keesing.
• Including: Right To Work and A1 check.

Check in at work

(Specific for Belgian partners)
A real-time link with Check In At Work for Belgian projects and partners.
• Including attendance registration of contractors and workers
• Including Limosa approval check

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