Integrated and customisable e-learning tools for all your safety trainings.

Your learning management provider to make sure all your workers comply to your specific safety standards and policy.

What does this solution offer?

Preparing and administer safety and gate examinations can be fully included in the online registration of workers. GoTrainer makes it very easy to create your own safety exams. With an extensive range of questionnaires, you can completely optimise the exams to your needs. Set the right answers per question and you are ready to go. Depending on the role of the person, you can determine which exams are mandatory. It is possible to conduct these instructions in a large number of languages.

GoTrainer also offers a wide range of standardised pre-made exams to give you a quick start in integrating e-learning into your onboarding process.

Get your workforce certified and fully aware of your site-safety policy and restrictions.


Learning management provider.

With GoTrainer you have all the tools to ensure your workforce are fully aware of all safety policies and restrictions.

No external costs.

Save on costs for high expensive external trainers to examine your workforce.

Fast onboarding.

Integrate the safety examinations easily into your digital onboarding process to accelerate fast workforce onboarding.

Improve by insights.

Improve your strategic safety management by analysing scores on a large scale and identifying trends in safety knowledge and awareness.

Main features

Wide range of survey questions

From multiple choice to likert scale or dropdown questions, you can easily choose your preferred type per question.

Drag ’n drop

Change the order of your exams by simply dragging questions to the right place.

Automatic certifications

Certifications are automatically generated for each worker after passing an exam.

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