Personalised communication tools.

Customise the tone-of-voice and look and feel of GoWorkforce to communicate clearly and consistently with your workers.

What does this solution offer?

GoCustom enables you to fully customise the communication to your workers. Easily add your logo and colours to your working passes and add project data and users rolls per project within seconds. You can also customise e-mails and notifications from the software by adding your logo, texts, PDF files and by changing the colours. Hereby you can ensure to always communicate in your recognisable tone of voice and visual identity. GoCustom also offers an easy convenient export functionality to create custom reports from your mission-critical data.

Determine how you want to communicate with your workers.


Improved brand equity.

By customising all communications based on your brand identity, you directly invest in a stronger brand recognition and valuation among your user groups.

Ultimate flexibility.

Each outgoing e-mail and notification can be customised to your standards.

All data is yours.

You decide how you want to utilise your data by making your own exports within seconds.

Main features

Smooth workforce onboarding

Make your own personalised working passes to create a powerful first impression for each worker entering your site.


Easily add logos, colours, texts and PDF files to all your communications.

Custom reports

Create custom reports of all your mission-critical processes within an instance.


Create your own FAQ to offer more relevant information regarding your site and projects. Simply add the questions and answers in the software and they are directly available for each concerning user.

Great combo's

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