Optimised software integrations.

Get the most out of your access control management with the pre-connected software integrations of GoConnect.

What does this solution offer?

GoConnects offers integrations with industry leading software in the field of access control, compliance management and information exchange. Automise your compliancy and data checks and integrate GoWorkforce easily with your current access control system. You can integrate the software without any delay in your daily processes.

The REST API of GoConnects makes it also very easy to connect GoWorkforce with your other backoffice software, hereby automising all your business processes even further. Prefill project and contractor information from your ERP and CRM software, send project revenue directly towards your financial accounting program and get the most out of all your various business data. Our consultants are always ready to help you with the best custom integration of GoWorkforce into your IT landscape.

Accelerate your business critical safety processes by connecting GoWorkforce with industry leading software.


Accelerated business processes.

Automise your compliancy checks by connecting GoWorkforce with trusted databases and registers.

Connect with your current access control system.

GoConnect offers pre-connected integrations with all the leading access control systems.

Utilise business data.

By connecting GoWorkforce with your other business software, you can bring your fragmented data together into one clear BI dashboard with valuable strategic insights.

Optimised data security.

GoConnect guarantees an optimised data security and protection. The standards include data encryption, secured https-connections, IP Whitelisting, GRPC and Claim Based Security.

Main features


Contemporary data structure and format for efficient third party integrations and connections.

Automised compliancy checks

GoConnect offers integrated connections with trusted databases like VCA, GPI, Check in @ Work, Keesing and DataChecker.

Real-time data exchange

All data from GoWorkforce is directly and real-time transferred to your other backoffice software.

Experienced consultants

Our consultants have an extensive track record in realising custom software connections and creating strategic BI dashboards.

Great combo's

GoConnects works great in combination with the following solutions.


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