Real-time overview of projects and workforce productivity.

Stay fully informed about your workforce on multiple projects and improve your business processes based on real-time insights.

What does this solution offer?

GoProject is the ultimate solution to keep track of your on-site activity. Have immediate insight into working hours and actual attendance on-site and manage multiple projects simultaneously. Determine per project which qualifications are mandatory, like specific gate instructions and safety guidelines. Your contractors can invite and assign their workers to the projects themselves. Further streamline and improve your business processes based on solid registrations and project data through the real-time dashboard.

Improve productivity and risk mitigation by registering and monitoring workforce activity.


Decreased Total Recordable Incident Rate.

The working hours of your workforce are easily accessible via the dashboard, allowingyou to protect the workers that exceed their working hour limit.

Reliable time tracking.

Get rid of outdated timesheets and have real-time insights in the number of hours worked for each worker and project.

Enhanced emergency management.

In case of an emergency, GoProject provides you with a real-time list of all workers present per zone.

Main features

Working hour registration

Working hours are automatically registered on different projects and project zones.

Attendance overview

A real-time attendance overview with export functionality to create BI dashboards with valuable management information.

Liability Chain

Register the chain of (sub)contractors per project, resulting in solid registrations in relation to the WKA / local legislation.

Great combo's

GoProject works great in combination with the following solutions.


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Personalised communication tools.
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Customise the tone-of-voice and look and feel of GoWorkforce to communicate clearly and consistently with your workers.
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