Total access management solution.

Control, regulate and monitor the access to and on your worksite from one central location.

What does this solution offer?

GoAccess provides you with all the tools you need to manage the access to and on your worksite and different zones. Regulate workforce access on individual, organisational or project level. Create projects, define zones, assign (sub)contractors and set the access rights within minutes. With fenceless access control you always know who is exactly on-site at any given time. Directly block access if someone does not have the right to be there.

GoAccess takes away all the challenging tasks of your access management. You can simply define the access requirements and the software automatically sets up the most optimised onboarding flow. All access requirements are directly implemented for the organisation and its workers, from requests for information and documents to port instructions and safety exams. When projects or roles switch, the requirements automatically change without you having to make adjustments.


access control

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Improved safety.

For each required site, organisation or worker, you can determine and manage your specific access requirements up to the deepest level.

Fast onboarding.

Make your access control a fully streamlined process, so your workers have more time to do what they do best: work.

Invest in TCO.

Complicated, expensive and time-consuming access processes belong to the past. Make your onboarding and access management a digital and automated process.

Higher workforce satisfaction and productivity.

With advanced access dynamics onsite, your workforce will feel safer and more secure while performing their work.

Main features

Dynamic access control

Change settings, organisation types, roles or locations any time. GoAccess immediately adapts to the new access requirements and activates the required actions.

GEO fencing

Location based access technology to provide fenceless access control and trigger actions based on a worker’s exact location.

Access levels

Easily regulate access control for each worker per site and zone.

Access requirements

A comprehensive preset of access requirements at different levels: organisations, workers, roles and projects.

Organisation manager

A clear dashboard with overviews and actions per organisation, including: onboarding status, documentation, audit log, project overview, access requirements and organisation blacklisting.

Worker manager

A clear dashboard with overviews and actions per worker, including: onboarding status, organisation, access levels, worker pass, qualification, audit log and personal details.

Great combo's

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