Fenceless access control.

Make access control as easy as possible for your workforce on-site.

What does this solution offer?

GoMobile provides your workforce with all necessary technology to enter your site, simply from their pockets. This mobile app is perfect for fenceless access control, as it is very accurate in GPS location tracking. Based on a workers’ permissions and exact location, the app automatically generates an access key on the spot. Hereby making working passes obsolete.

GoMobile also provides your workers with their own profile management solution. They can easily check their current access status, activated zones, access rights and personal ID status in the app. Any missing information can directly be added.

Everything you need to get access in one app.


Invest in TCO.

Make working passes and administrative handling obsolete by using fenceless access control, saving time and overhead costs.

Higher productivity.

Save time in daily access flows up to 10%.

Higher workforce satisfaction.

Smoother access control and more self-control in profile management is highly valued among workers on-site.

Main features

Fenceless access control

Automated access control based on very accurate GPS tracking.

Mobile profile management

Your workforce is always able to manage their current worker profile from one mobile app.


Send out direct notification through the app directly as a new action is required to accelerate onboarding and access flows.

Great combo's

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